Sustained pace of development and a european dimension

The name of Joncoux has been associated with the production of flues since the early 20th century, and throughout the next hundred years or so the small family business producing stove pipes experienced relatively modest development. Under the direction of its current manager and main shareholder, Jacques-Olivier Joncoux, the group has become one of the main European operators in the sector.

It now has a consolidated turnover of €85M and 500 employees.

Its activities are driven by a strong development dynamism in European markets. This is reflected in particular by geographic expansion taking in the european area (with bases in France, Benelux, Germany, Poland and Italy).


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The success of the Joncoux group is based on:

an entrepreneurial culture combining stakeholder empowerment, provision of significant resources at grass-roots level, and a spirit of innovation;

• the desire and ability to seize genuine development opportunities related to the growing importance of energy autonomy and efficiency;

• the strategy of combining sustained internal growth (development of existing capacities) and acquisitions made as part of an industrial approach, with a key concern for consistency with the existing portfolio;

performance-driven ambitions and the desire to occupy, or rapidly attain, a leading position in its markets, in order to be able to contribute to their positive evolution (product definition, regulatory framework, commercial practice).


The Joncoux Group’s strategy 
seeks to deploy skills and resources at the right operational level. The group’s management believes that its success is linked to organisational and location strategies enabling it to combine economic performance (critical size of the market and operational efficiency) and optimal product/service quality. 

For industrial activities, the group locates its production units, together with the associated design offices, in geographical areas corresponding to their markets. It can therefore integrate regional conventions in terms of construction and heating systems. Careful consideration can be taken of regulatory constraints and the installation techniques employed. The Joncoux Group is thus able to design and manufacture the products best suited to its customer requirements and professional practices in any location, and anticipate changes in the markets.

For distribution, it chooses to establish its sales outlets in dense population centres, within a geographical radius enabling locally-based, pro-active and personal service for major projects.