Specialist manufacturer and distributor

As an industrial manufacturer, the Joncoux Group primarily
designs and produces chimney and flue systems for the extraction
of combustion gases from heating systems (fuel oil, gas, wood, biomass, etc.).
These flues are installed by professionals and used for all types of installations,
from wood stoves to large boilers.

The systems manufactured at the group’s industrial sites (in France,
Belgium, Poland and Italy) are characterised by high technical,
ergonomic and aesthetic standards.
It mainly targets the German,
French, Polish, Benelux and Italian markets.

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As a distributor,  the Joncoux Group uses its specialist sales outlets to sell air/fumes systems for climate control in the industrial, commercial and residential markets. It offers HVAC specialists network systems and components for large and medium sized installations: chimney systems, ventilation ducts and thermal and acoustic insulation.

The products in its ranges are rigorously selected from suppliers providing the best quality assurance and demonstrating a real capacity for innovation (among which are the group’s own factories). Specialist distribution activities are located in France and Benelux. 

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